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PMG and Speed Switch Parts
We offer a full line of parts and service for Woodward PMGs and Speed Switches.

PMG and Speed Switch PartsWe offer a full line of parts and service for and Speed Switches.


Services Available:

Overhauls performed at our facility: Unit down for Maintenance? Ship us the and we can perform routine maintenance in our shop.

Short turn-around times are supported.

On-site Inspection and Overhaul: As part of our field service, we can perform an overhaul along with Gateshaft and Mechanical Cabinet maintenance.

Overhaul Guidelines:

Speed Switches:

  • Every 6 Months: Lubricate and inspect for wear. 
  • Every 12 Months: Verify proper operating range of all switches.


  • Every 24 Months: Overhaul all speed switches. Change components as required.


  • Every 60 Months: Change all Speed Switch bearings.

    We offer a complete line of standard replacement parts for and speed switches.

    In addition, we have access to hard to find castings and other components.


To quickly find the parts you need, click on the appropriate Woodward manual:
DescriptionPart Number
09023-39Bearing Assembly8936-018
09023-39ABearing - Special and Lubricated180229
09023-39BBearing Shield Washer (Plain)1013-278
09023-39CBearing Shield Washer (Stepped)111290
09023-40Snap Ring190612
09023-43Drive Gear - Steel or Micarta 
09023-44Locking Washer190199
09023-45Retaining Nut190427
09023-46Pinion Gear - Speed Switch Drive 
09023-474/0 - 1 5/16" Taper Pin (Obsolete)1005-752
09023-471/8" x 1 1/8" Roll Pin1005-752
09023-52Bearing Lockwasher188011
09023-53Bearing Locknut188523
09023-58Speed Switch Bracket3404-036
09023-63Flyweight Head - Special Before 1987110817
09023-63Flyweight Head - Double Spring Before 1987110989
09023-63Flyweight Head - Special Double Spring Before 19874508-021
09023-63Flyweight Head - Standard After 19874508-088
09023-63Flyweight Head - Standard Before 19874508-089
09023-63Flyweight Head - Double Spring After 19874508-090
09023-64Flyweight Arm Pin1004-486
09023-65Oilite Bushing3002-526
09023-66Flyweight Arm (Overspeed)196049
09023-67Flyweight Arm (Underspeed)4500-002
09023-67Flyweight Arm (Underspeed) - Double Spring4500-003
09023-69Rocker Arm Pin184466
09023-70Spring Clip3013-520
09023-71Thrust Bearing Assembly111006
09023-71AThrust Cup111005
09023-71BThrust Bearing180179
09023-72Lower Speeder Rod111207
09023-73Lower Speeder Rod Pin184912
09023-74Speed Switch Spring 
09023-75Speed Setting Plug110160
09023-76Upper Speeder Rod111208
09023-77Upper Speeder Rod Pin184913
09023-78Spring Clip3013-520
09023-79Mercury Switch201079
09023-80Rocker Arm111206


DescriptionPart Number
11002-17Mercury Switch201079
11002-43Bearing Locknut188523
11002-44Bearing Lockwasher188011
11002-45Snap Ring218828
11002-46Bearing - Special and Lubricated180229
11002-514/0 - 1 5/16" Taper Pin (Obsolete)1005-752
11002-511/8" x 1 1/8" Roll Pin1005-752
11002-52Pinion Gear - Speed Switch Drive 
11002-54Flyball Arm (Underspeed)4500-002
11002-54Flyball Arm (Underspeed) - Double Spring4500-003
11002-57Speed Switch Bracket110164
11002-62Ballarm Pin1004-486
11002-64Ballarm (High Speed)196049
11002-65Oilite Bushing3002-526
11002-66Rocker Arm Pin184466
11002-67Spring Clip3013-520
11002-69Thrust Bearing Assembly111006
11002-69AThrust Cup111005
11002-69BThrust Bearing180179
11002-70Lower Speeder Rod111207
11002-71Lower Speeder Rod Pin184912
11002-72Speed Switch Spring 
11002-73Speed Setting Plug110160
11002-74Upper Speeder Rod111208
11002-75Upper Speeder Rod Pin184913
11002-76Spring Clip3013-520
11002-77Rocker Arm111206
11002-80Bearing Shield Washer (Plain)1013-278
11002-81Bearing Shield Washer (Stepped)111290