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The PLC cabinet can be physically mounted and wired by your staff or others using the drawings we provide

Our scope of supply typically includes equipment, engineering and site supervision. Each kit includes a PLC-based digital control cabinet with touchscreen local operator interface, pilot valve electro-hydraulic interface manifold, and electronic speed and gate position sensors.

Typical Gateshaft After Conversion
The PLC cabinet can be physically mounted and wired by your staff or others using the drawings we provide. During the outage, an experienced Field Service Engineer will be on hand to assist with installation and provide final commissioning and testing services.
PLC Governor System

The heart of each new governor system will be an Allen-Bradley Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).

The new controller and accessories will reside in a wall-mount control enclosure that includes the following devices:

 Governor PLC
    (1) 7-slot PLC Rack
    (1) CPU Module
    (1) Power Supply Module
    (1) Contact Input Module 16 channel
    (1) Contact Output Module 16 channel
    (1) Analog Input Module 8 channel
    (1) Analog Output Module 4 channel
 Cabinet Power Supply (125VDC/24VDC)
 Terminal Blocks (as needed)
 Interposing Relays (as needed)

Typical PLC Governor Cabinet
Shown with front door open

Local Operator Interface: Color Touchscreen

Mounted on the front door of the PLC Governor, a 6 color touchscreen Human Machine Interface (HMI) will serve as the primary Local Operator Interface. Local control screens described below will be provided by AGC and will allow operators full access to all system control modes.

The touchscreen operates independently and automatically establishes communication with the PLC Governor upon boot-up; no operator intervention is required and system screens are stored in non-volatile memory. HMI programming software and cable are included to allow you to modify or add new screens.

     Local Control of the Unit
     Local Display of Unit Information
     System Alarm Display
     Input / Output (I/O) Status Display
     Event Log
     Basic Trending
     Access to Tunable Parameters for the Unit
     Serial Port for Printing

In addition, a door-mounted Emergency Shutdown pushbutton will be provided.

Sample Unit Control Screen
Cabinet Power Supply

A 125VDC/24VDC cabinet power supply will be provided to power the Governor PLC, proportional valve, accessory equipment and field devices.

Electro-Hydraulic Interface (EHI) Assembly for Gateshaft Governors

The EHI assembly is the basic connection between the PLC Governor and the existing relay valve. The EHI controls the flow of oil to the relay valve, which regulates the flow of oil to the servomotor to open or close the wicket gates.